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App Update – JobWatch iOS v6.11

We have been working on our latest version of JobWatch, version iOS v6.11. This version is now available to download from the iOS App Store.

Please note, the videos below are demonstrated using Android but the iOS steps are similar.

Vehicle Checks Refresh

Vehicle Checks Refresh

We know that for many of you, Vehicle Checks are an everyday essential and so we decided that we would work to bring you enhanced functionality to make it even better than the version you already have.  We hope you love it as much as we do.

Save Resource's Signature

Save Resource’s Signature

We know that signing off on different things several times a day can become wearing so now there’s our new ‘use saved signature button’!

To save time, Users can save their signature in Settings and then click on the ‘use save signature’ button.

Note: the ‘use saved signature’  button will only appear once a signature has been saved.  When pressed on a WorkSheet, the field will be filled with the resource name.

Self-Allocate Unscheduled Jobs

Self-Allocate Unscheduled Jobs

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could self-allocate jobs that are unallocated?  We thought so, so now you can.

Where permissions are in place, resources will now be able to search for unallocated jobs, taking into account resource restrictions, such as location and skills.

Worksheet Summary & Show Only Mandatory Questions

Worksheet Summary & Show Only Mandatory Questions 

When you have a large WorkSheet and you’re told that there are questions that need answering before you can sign off, it can sometimes be difficult to spot them.  But not now.

Our collapsible Worksheet list displays the completion status for each Worksheet and is now visible from the Job start screen.

Apply Default Worksheet Answers

Apply Default Worksheet Answers

Ever wished that you could easily populate default values on WorkSheets? Now you can!

When enabled in Administration, you can use a one-touch application button to apply default answers on Worksheets.

View File on a Job

Viewing a File On a Job

Following on from the popularity of our Viewing a File on a Job Feature, we were keen not just to rest on our laurels so we have introduced enhanced functionality.

What’s New

  1. A new Worksheet question type ‘view file’ has been added, to link to files which are stored in the File Library.
  2. Visibility options allow you to determine when and how often the file will be viewed, eg. view every x days, first time, before/after a specific date.
  3. A new section against contacts allows you to upload a contact-specific version of a file.

For more information on this feature, please view the full article.

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Updated on 30th September 2021

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