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App Update: JobWatch V5.10

JobWatch App – New Timesheet Functionality

The Timesheet function within JobWatch is an excellent way to log the amount of time Resources spend working. Additional functionality now allows Worksheet questions to be applied to Timesheet activities, perfect if there is a ‘start of day’ or ‘end of day’ checklist which needs to be completed.

The video below demonstrates how to set up this new option as well as demonstrating the use of the existing functionality.

JobWatch App – New Job Creation Functionality

For any Resources with the correct permissions, Jobs can now be created on their device, through the JobWatch app, for pre-configured Job Types. As well as custom fields, this facility includes new fields, such as order number and job group reference.

This video demonstrates how jobs can be created from the tablet, and how it’s set up from the back office.

JobWatch App – Expenses Feature

As part of our continuing series demonstrating existing JobWatch features, we have created a video on how Resources can complete expenses via the app.

For more information on how expenses are configured by the back office, please click here to view the Help Centre article.

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Updated on 5th January 2021

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