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BigChange Features That Could Be Helpful As Your Business Deals With Coronavirus

As we deal with yet another lockdown, it’s great to know that there is at least something that you can rely on.

The BigChange system is specifically designed to work from anywhere that you have wifi access, allowing you to run your office seamlessly from any location.

To make life simpler, here’s a roundup of some of our features that can really help you beat the lockdown blues.

No Touch Signatures

No Touch Signatures

Since Covid-19 regulations mean that it’s no longer possible to get customer signatures in the usual way, we created our No Touch Signature feature so that your customers can sign off on work and protect all parties.

Navigate: My account → Administration → [Quick Links] General Account settings → Jobs on device

When work is completed the mobile worker simply shares the signature capture link with the recipient via email, WhatsApp, SMS or whatever app they use.


Absence Types

Absence Types

Sadly it is likely that at least someone in your workforce will either contract the virus or have come into contact with someone who has and needs to self-isolate.

We make this simple to handle by allowing you and your colleagues to see who is currently unavailable.

Step 1

Navigate: My account → Administration → [side menu] Resources → Absence Types → Add and then complete the popup, entering an absence type and a colour for flagging purposes:

Step 2

Navigate: Fleet & Resources → [side menu] Resources → select a Resources → [tab] Absences → Add and then complete the popup, ensuring that you select the correct category from the dropdown menu in the ‘Type’ field:

You will now be able to clearly see the reason for absence on the list view:

Reassigning Jobs

Reassigning Jobs

Once you have had notification that an employee is unable to work, the next task is to reassign their jobs.  This can be achieved simply and quickly through JobWatch.

Click on the 3 line (hamburger) menu to the left of the of the Resource’s name and select ‘Reassign Jobs‘:

Complete the popup by adding the name of the resource you wish to reassign the jobs to and the date of the job(s):

Where there are jobs across a number of days you could alternatively use the Scheduling Assistant.

Navigate: Schedule → [side menu] Display → List and use the filters to select the Resource and time period.  Then click to select all relevant jobs, then select Unallocate:

This will take a moment to process.  When the list has emptied, clear the Resource field, select the Unallocated jobs and then select the required jobs from the list.

Now click the More icon and choose Schedule all and a new popup will open which allows you to reschedule on the basis of constraints or skills as well as time/date :

Out Of Office System

Out Of Office System

Although the Schedule will display that the Resource is absent through illness, colleagues who don’t access that area of the business are unlikely to check that before messaging or assigning tasks.  Our Out of Office feature can help you deal with that.

In each user’s settings, there is a section entitled ‘Out of Office’. Navigate: My account > My settings > [section] Out of office:

Once you have completed the information here it automatically saves.

When actioned, the User themselves will see an orange bar at the top of their BigChange screen, advising them that their Out of Office is on as well as a link should you wish to disable it.

When this user is tagged in a note, a prompt will appear advising the note writer that the tagged user is Out of Office and displaying any message they have added about their absence.


Managing Calls Through BigChange

Managing Calls Through BigChange

You may have to work from home but you want your customer experience to be of the same professional standard as when you are office-based.  We can help.

RingCentral allows you to use your computer as a communication hub, synced to your office network and your mobile phone.  With it, you can :

  • make and receive calls
  • send and receive texts
  • send and receive faxes
  • audio conference call
  • video conference call

BigChange integrates seamlessly into RingCentral, allowing you to optimise your workflow through:

  • bringing up the caller’s profile within the JobWatch system when a call is received
  • click to call dialling
  • custom fields on incoming call popup
  • allowing you to create audio/video conferences

For more information, please read the RingCentral article.

Remote Working

Most of us will currently be working remotely but ensuring that your workforce is safe whilst working remains an employer’s responsibility.  BigChange allows you to create ways of handling this, such as setting up a working from home risk assessment or a daily check-in.

Working from Home Risk Assessment

Working from Home Risk Assessment

Creating a Working from Home Risk Assessment is a matter of minutes with JobWatch. Navigate: My account → Administration → [side menu] Schedule → Worksheets → Add  and create your Worksheet:

Example Working from Home Risk Assessment

advisory icon

For a worksheet of this type you should make the questions mandatory and set default answers.


Once the Worksheet has been created, simply create a job on the schedule for your workforce and they can then complete the worksheet on either the JobWatch app or the website.  You can set it up so that PDF copies are automatically emailed to HR once completed.

Daily Check-ins

Daily Check-ins

For those who use timesheets, a daily check-in can also be set up using the JobWatch app.

Navigate: My account → Administration → [side menu] Forms → Timesheet Worksheet → Add  and create your Worksheet:

Example Daily Check-in

advisory icon

For a worksheet of this type you should make the questions mandatory.


For further information on setting up a Timesheet, please view the video:

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Updated on 1st March 2021

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