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BigChange New Feature: Microsoft Outlook Add-In

Microsoft Outlook Add-In

Who hasn’t experienced the frustration of having two fantastic applications which simply won’t interact with each other?  At BigChange we always like to be part of the solution and so we have created the BigChange Microsoft Outlook Add-in, which allows you to seamlessly attach selected emails to Notes, either from within your desktop Outlook app or from Outlook Online.  This means that important information can be stored centrally against Notes in the CRM, facilitating remote working and allowing access for anyone with a laptop or device and an internet connection.

Without leaving Outlook, you can now attach emails and documents to Notes as well as amend Note details such as progress, flags and ownership.

It can be found in the Microsoft store by clicking here.

For full information on this flagship new feature, please read the full article. 

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Updated on 11th June 2020

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