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Ideas Portal

Ideas Portal

We know that you love using our system and have some great ideas for improving it. We wanted to find a way to gauge how popular individual ideas would be for the majority of users.  So we added an ideas portal that replaces the suggestion notes, allowing you to create ideas yourself and vote on those of others. Roadcrew → Suggestion

considerations icon

Other users are more likely to upvote ideas that solve challenges that they also face, rather than those which relate to a bespoke process.

New Custom Field Type: System List

New Custom Field Type: System List

Custom fields are a popular part of the BigChange platform and appear in a variety of areas across the system.  A list can be populated using information from other areas of the system, eg the custom field ‘Sales Person’ or ‘Account Manager’ stored against a contact to pull from a pre-existing list of Web Users.

When creating a custom field, select the option ‘System list in the Type field. Users can select from 3 options: Resources, Fleet registrations and Web users.

  1. Resources – applicable only where a resource is visible on the schedule, active for JobWatch or is a subcontractor,  they will be displayed in alphabetical order.

  2. Vehicles – all vehicles that have the ‘used for jobs‘ field set to ‘yes’, will be displayed in alphabetical order by their registration numbers.

  3. Web users – users that are either of the type User linked to a resource or Active user, will be displayed in alphabetical order. 

Please note that features such as mandatory and required answers are supported but viewing/editing the custom field of this type on devices is not supported at this time.

Additionally, import/export/blueprints have been updated to support these custom fields.  You can select as follows:

Web User – name and ID

Vehicle – Registration, reference, ID

Resource – Name. reference, ID

Please note, if using an ID or reference, this is to be prefixed with id: or ref: and provided inside curly braces, ie Reference: {ref:xxxx}, or ID: {id:xxxx}.

Should you try to import an option that does not exist on the system list, an error will be returned.

The Floating Help Button

The Floating Help Button

The Floating Help Button is designed to make accessing the Help Centre as convenient as possible and when pressed, itwill also offer some suggestions based on the area you are currently viewing.

There is an option to select whether you wish to hide/show the Help button. Navigate: My Account > My Settings > [section] Website:

Icon to Copy Links Within JobWatch

This fantastic feature allows you to easily share a link to something in JobWatch with another User.

When the link icon is pressed, a confirmation that the link has been copied will briefly appear on the screen:

Favourite Views

Favourite Views

We all have areas of JobWatch which we use more than others and navigating back to them regularly is made easier than ever by bookmarking your favourites with the Views icon.

Using this feature you will find that the global views which have been bookmarked by your company are shown in alphabetical order in bold.  Your personal bookmarks are shown beneath these, in normal text and can be edited, reordered or deleted as preferred.

For more detailed information on this feature, please read the Bookmarking Favourite Views article.

Bounce Back Handling

Email Bounceback Handling

Emails can be sent through the BigChange system for any number of reasons, eg job confirmation, approaching a prospect, etc.  Most emails are delivered without incident, but occasionally, a ‘hard’ bounce back will be received, usually due to an incorrect email address or because the sender’s details have been blacklisted.

Bouncebacks are signalled by a red exclamation mark:

  • SPAM –  the exclamation mark will appear next to the contact person with a message advising that this email address cannot be used and to contact the person before attempting further emails.
  • ‘Hard’ bounce back – the red exclamation mark will be accompanied by a message advising that future emails may not be sent until resolved.

In both instances, any additional information from the mail provider is also displayed.  Users can unblock persons once the issue has been resolved.

Show Recently Viewed Items

Show Recently Viewed Items

An ingenious time-saver, the ‘Recent’ icon,  which can be found next to the Favourite view button, displays the most recent items you have viewed within JobWatch and clicking on one will act as a shortcut, taking you straight to it.

Click to Call Link

You can use JobWatch to phone your contacts with the addition of clickable phone numbers on the website.This can be achieved via My account →Settings → Website, then amend the Click-to-call protocol to “Tel (used by Skype, smartphones…)” from the drop-down menu.

Before the change you will see that there is only an option to view the contact, whereas after the change you have the option, in this example, to Skype:

Should you wish to change the selected call option at a later date, this can be achieved by (1) Navigate to Windows -> (2) type in “default” -> (3) select “choose a default app for each protocol”:

then select Tel (URL: Tel Protocol) and select your chosen software application.

To confirm whether your telephone system is compatible with the ‘tel’ protocol please provide this article to your telecoms or IT provider.

Unrecognised Number

When an incoming call comes from a number that is not recognised in CRM, users are given the option to either create a new contact or add to an existing one.

When prompted with the option to assign the person to the new contact, the parent contacts are displayed in bold.

Once a selection is made, an ‘eye’ icon allows the user to view the contact to make sure they have selected the correct one.

Adding Custom Fields to the Incoming Call Pop-Up

Adding Custom Fields to the Incoming Call PopUp

The popup can display the following additions where set up in the back office:

  • If additional information has been added for a contact in the field ‘Extra info’, eg ‘Part-time worker Mon-Wed only’, this will be displayed in the Contact section beneath the address field. Where additional information has not been added, the field will not appear in the popup.
  • If the person has any populated custom fields, eg their LinkedIn address, it will be displayed as the last fields in the Person section. Again, where additional information has not been added, the field will not appear in the popup.
  • If the account is on stop, a red banner will be displayed at the top of the popup, detailing all information as to who put the account on stop, when and why.

Data Validation Import

Data Validation Import

After uploading excel spreadsheets, an import report is generated advising which lines have been successfully imported and which have failed.  However, there are occasions when you might wish to initiate this report to check how ‘clean’ your data is, without running an import.

When running any type of import, you can use the checkbox, ‘Validate Data Only‘, which can be found under the ‘select file to upload‘. This will be unchecked by default. When selected and a file is uploaded, a prompt will display advising the user “The data will be analysed for errors however will not be imported.”

Errors that are generated in the report will also be updated to be more understandable.

Attachments List View

Attachments List View

As well as the default grid view, a list view option is also available with the following columns:

  • File name
  • File size (if known)
  • Date uploaded
  • Visibility (where relevant in the context)

Both display types allow users to search by name to reduce the search results returned.

Your default display preference can be set in your user account setting. Navigate: My account > My settings > [section] Website:


View Linked Items

View Linked Items

We wanted you to be able to see links throughout the system for the item you’re viewing, eg, a Note that’s linked to a Job or a Job that’s linked to a Contract.  If you click on the eye icon, it will take you to the linked item.

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Updated on 16th November 2021

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