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Important Update

Dear Customer,

We are writing to advise you of upgrades to the BigChange system that may affect you if you have a firewall or security filter whitelisting our current IP address.

As part of our continual efforts to improve system performance we are upgrading our web servers and infrastructure across our multiple datacentres. This will increase the speed, resilience and redundancy of the solution. As part of this enhancement, we need to assign new IP addresses to the new solution.

From November 10th, 2017 our web servers will include the additional IP addresses of `` and `` for the JobWatch web site & web services. These addresses may be added to a whitelist at any time before the change is made.

In addition to the update we will also be updating our minimum supported version of the internet browser Internet Explorer – the minimum supported version will now be IE10 whereas it was previously IE9 – once again this update is to improve both security and performance. For the optimum JobWatch experience, we recommend you use the Chrome browser.

If you have an IT department, or outsource your IT to another party, please forward details of the change to them so they can make sure your service is not interrupted by this upgrade.

Normal day to day use of BigChange is unaffected by these changes.

Should you have any questions on the update please feel free to contact RoadCrew for advice or support regarding this matter and we will be happy to help.

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Updated on 2nd November 2017

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