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Importing Jobs


Importing Jobs

This article explains how you can import jobs from an existing data spreadsheet into the JobWatch system. This process is extremely time-efficient as it eliminates the need for manual re-input of information you may already have in a spreadsheet by following these simple steps:

Begin by clicking on (1) Schedule -> (2) Unscheduled  jobs -> (3) Import (scroll right down the menu to find it):

Click on Import and the following screen will pop up:

Select and click on the desired file for import:

Your file will now have imported, as shown below.  If  the headings in your spreadsheet don’t currently mirror JobWatch terminology you should adjust them now by making your selection from the drop down menu heading each column. Make sure that you use the bottom scroll bar to scroll across your entire spreadsheet, rather than just amending those currently showing.  This is particularly important since if a Contact is not already on the CRM they will now be added.

Certain fields are crucial for successful integration.  For example, Contact reference is essential as this would be the Sage reference number used for invoicing (eg BC1 for BigChange).  Similarly, Job Type, Job group reference, Job reference and Job description are all required fields. Other fields ie Person, Phone and Email are preferable since otherwise JobWatch cannot send out SMS/email updates and scheduling information.

Please note, your entire spreadsheet will have uploaded but only the first six rows will be displayed.

Once you have made all necessary adjustments, click on Import (the tick icon):

A popup will appear, advising you that the import is taking place and you will receive an email once it has finished:

Once the import is complete, the jobs will appear against the driver’s name. The green number on the right 1) is the planned travelling time whilst the purple number 2) is the job duration time:


To the left of the driver icon in the above illustration, you will see that there is a three line menu icon (3 parallel horizontal lines).  If you click on this a popup Actions menu will appear which features a number of useful options, including route optimisation:

For further information on the 3 line menu, please read the feature article.

It is also worth noting that should you wish to take advantage of it there is also a Template database which can be imported via the following method:

Click on the Roadcrew button (1) and select Help Centre (2) from the dropdown menu:

Select ‘User guides, Templates & Add-Ons’

Select Import Jobs from the Templates menu

This will download the template below in Excel which can then be adapted to your needs:

For more information on how Job recurrences work with imports, please read the Import & Export Blueprints article.

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Updated on 14th April 2021

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