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Latest Update – 06.05.21


New Custom Field Type: System List

New Custom Field Type: System List

Area We are Addressing

Custom fields are a popular part of the BigChange platform and appear in a variety of areas across the system.  It would be helpful if a list could be populated using information from other areas of the system, eg the custom field ‘Sales Person’ or ‘Account Manager’ stored against a contact to pull from a pre-existing list of Web Users.

What’s New

When creating a custom field, a new option in the Type field, ‘System list,‘ is available. Users can select from 3 options: Resources, Fleet registrations and Web users.

  1. Resources – applicable only where a resource is visible on the schedule, active for JobWatch or is a subcontractor,  they will be displayed in alphabetical order.

  2. Vehicles – all vehicles that have the ‘used for jobs‘ field set to ‘yes’, will be displayed in alphabetical order by their registration numbers.

  3. Web users – users that are either of the type User linked to a resource or Active user, will be displayed in alphabetical order. 

Please note that features such as mandatory and required answers are supported but viewing/editing the custom field of this type on devices is not supported at this time.

Additionally, import/export/blueprints have been updated to support these changes to custom fields.  You can select as follows:

Web User – name and ID

Vehicle – Registration, reference, ID

Resource – Name. reference, ID

Please note, if using an ID or reference, this is to be prefixed with id: or ref: and provided inside curly braces, ie Reference: {ref:xxxx}, or ID: {id:xxxx}.

Should you try to import an option that does not exist on the system list, an error will be returned.


Network Listing Improvements

Network Listing Improvements

Area We are Addressing

When a user is choosing possible partners on the Network listings page, it would be helpful if there was additional information available to aid the selection process.

What’s New

Customers now the option to add 2 new elements to their Network listing:

  1. T&Cs – Users can view a listed company’s T&C’s before requesting collaboration. If none have been added they will be advised to contact the company.

  2. Operating hours – Users will be able to set their contact opening hours so that they will be viewable on their listings.


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Updated on 6th May 2021

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