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Latest Update – 17.09.21


Contract's Fields

Contract’s Fields

We’ve added a host of Contract-related keywords to make templating customised documents a snap.


Child Automation to Use Parent's Result

Child Automation to Use Parent’s Result

Now that you have created some fantastic automations, I’ll bet you’re wishing that there was a simple way to apply triggers/results to your child contacts, aren’t you?  Keywords for the new automation allow you to do just that, with the second automation triggering as a result of the first automation’s completion.

My account > Administration > [side menu] Account > Automation 

Select ‘Other Automation Completes’ & select from menu

advisory icon

In order for the keywords to be displayed for a child automation, the parent automation will need to have run at least once.


Job Schedule

Add Flag To Job From Schedule

Add Flag To Job From Schedule

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just add a job flag from the Schedule without having to open the job details?  Yes, it would.

Please note, if you can’t see the flag column in the list view, it is because it hasn’t been selected as a column. Click (1) Columns and (2) Flag and the column will appear (3):


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Updated on 17th September 2021

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