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Latest Update 21.07.21


Addition of Icons as Keywords

Addition of Icons as Keywords

Is it wrong to brag? I can’t help it, our templates are amazing and now even better with the option to use icons as keywords.

Simply navigate: My account > Administration > [Quick links menu] Templates > select template > [button] Insert keyword > [tab] Miscellaneous > [section] Miscellaneous 

Clicking on ‘Icon‘ will open the icon library for you to choose from.  If you would like to use icons as a result when creating a formula, simply :

  1. Press ‘Formula‘,
  2. 2elect ‘Condition‘ in the Formula type field
  3. Select which icons to use when the formula conditions are met.


Resources Import/Export Update

Resources Import/Export Update


Number of days vacation | Manager email | Always assists (provided as CSV) | Link to existing web user email

The following columns are also available but where an entry is marked with an *, it cannot be linked to an existing Web User.

New web user email* | New web user role* | New web user only allowed to view their own resource*.


Number of days vacation | Manager (email of manager) | Always assists (provided as CSV) | Linked to web user (email of user).


Xero Start Time

Xero Start Time

As any Xero user will know, the integration between BigChange and Xero is a game-changer.  But what if you want to synch documents but exclude legacy items?

We’ve added a non-mandatory date field so that you can set a start date for documents that you want to synchronise.

Online Payment

Online Payment

Wish that taking payments was easier?  Great news: we’re working on it!  As part of a forthcoming partnership with BlueSnap we have already made a slight change, so please take note of the following:

warning icon

The financial parameter setting for Online payment has moved. It can now be found by navigating: My account > Administration > Financial > Online payments

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Updated on 23rd September 2021

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