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Latest Update 01.07.21


Search Setting

Search Setting

Do you seem to spend half of your life pressing CTRL+F because you’re searching for something? Or, worse still, have you not discovered CTRL+F at all and just endlessly scroll?  Well help is at hand, with the introduction of an additional search bar in both the Quick Links menu and the General Account Settings.


Additional Formula Types for Templates

Additional Formula Types for Templates

We know that you love our Template Keywords and the way they personalise your documentation, so we’ve added some extra strings to their bow in the form of 2 new Formula types: Format and Date Operation

Navigate: My account > Administration > [Quick links menu] Templates > [Button] Insert Keyword > [tab] Miscellaneous > [Section] Miscellaneous > Formula 

Format allows you to decide the preferred format of a specific field.  For example, you could create duplicate Templates using region-specific ways of expressing the date:

Date operation allows you to use any Keyword date field, eg Current date, Due date, Invoice date,  to create a new date or time to display, depending on your selection from the available options:

For example, you could create a formula that displays a date 3 days prior to the Contract start date, by which time all agreed stock would be available in your warehouse:



Time pressure an issue?  We hear you.  That’s why we’re releasing a clutch of extra import/export field options to help you add or send data en-masse.  The optional fields are available to be imported and can be added to an export via blueprints.

New Contact Import/Export Fields

On stop, On stop reason, Direct debit, Account type, Default validity of quotes, Financial account reference, Default payment terms, Credit limit, VAT registration number, UTR, Organisation type, Company registration number, Primary SIC code.

New Contact Persons Import/Export Fields

ContactID, Title, Flag name, Is primary (yes/no)

Fleet Import/Export Update

Import: Odometer reading, Odometer unit, MOT expiry date, Road tax expiry date, Next service date, Next service odometer.

Export via blueprints: Vehicle Group, Odometer reading, Odometer unit, MOT expiry date, Road tax expiry date, Next service date, Next service odometer.

Stock & Equipment Import/Export Update

Status, Status date

Fleet Attributes Import/Export

Two new buttons have been added for Fleet attributes. Navigate: My account > Administration > [side menu] Vehicles > Add-Edit

Resource Starting Location Import

Navigate: My account > Administration > [side menu] Resources > Add – Edit > Import/Export

2 new options have been added, with blueprints available for both import and export: ‘Import resource starting location‘ and ‘Export resource starting location‘.

Import columns:

Resource Name|Resource Reference|Resource ID|Day|From|To|Start location|Starting contact reference.

Export columns:

Resource name|Resource reference|Day|From|To|Start location |Starting contact reference

Predefined Invoice Item

Import – Custom Fields

This can also be selected in blueprints.

ExportCustom Fields|Group

These are available to be added on a blueprint not included on the standard export.

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Updated on 23rd September 2021

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