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Latest Update – Release 1.1 2022


Send SMS En Masse

Send SMS En Masse

Another fantastic idea from the portal.

We all have overstuffed Inboxes and sometimes emails can be overlooked.  It is now possible to use ‘Send All’ to issue an SMS, including the option to use a template created with SMS, where it has been set as a usage option in Administration.

An example of a Financial reminder is shown below but it can be used for Marketing, Sales, etc in any place where Send All is available.:

New Outbound SMS

New Outbound SMS

It is now possible to create an SMS Automation to alert customers or colleagues when a triggering event occurs.

Navigate: My account > Administration > [Quick Links menu] General Account Settings > [side menu] Automation.

Stages of creating an example of a Quotation Expiring SMS Automation is shown below:

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Updated on 4th March 2022

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