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Latest Update – Release 5, 2022


Job Recurrence Scheduling

Job Recurrence Scheduling

Our latest update to Job Recurrences makes light work of those times when the calendar upsets the best-laid plans.

Imagine a scenario where your customer has asked for a job to be carried out on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month. The intention has always been that those days are consecutive, however, sometimes, the month might begin on a Wednesday, pushing Tuesday’s recurrence to the following week.  So frustrating. But help is at hand!

In our latest update to Job Recurrences, you can arrange recurring jobs, within the same week, regardless of how the calendar falls within a given month.  Just follow the process shown below, for setting up the recurrence for our example scenario:

Schedule > Display > [icon] new job 

Fill in the Job information and once a date is added, you will see that a field entitled ‘Recurrence’ has appeared.

Click ‘Edit’

Select ‘Week of the month’

Select ‘First’ as we want it to take place on the first week of the month.

Tuesday and Wednesday are both selected.

Tick the box ‘Jobs should recur within the same week (Mon-Sun), followed by OK

The feature works the same way for whichever week of the month you select, although it will be more evident when it falls in either the first or last week of a month.

Where the last Tuesday and Wednesday of the month are selected for recurrence

Where the first Tuesday and Wednesday of the month are selected for recurrence

Please note that the definition of a week will be based on the days you have selected for the job recurrence, so if a month begins on a Wednesday, using our example above, the first week will be the second calendar week of the month.


Continuing in our quest to make importing data as simple and as useful as possible, we are adding some additional functionality over the next few weeks.  It will be rolled out gradually during the course of the month.

Duplicated File Warning

Duplicated File Warning

A popup message will be displayed if you try to import the same data as a previous import.  You will be given the option to continue or cancel the Import request:

Importing Contracts

Importing Contracts

Whether you are just starting onboarding with BigChange or you are a seasoned user with a complex contract containing multiple line items, being able to import Contracts would be a boon.  You will soon be able to do precisely that, via the import section of Forms in Administration or through a new ‘Import’ icon in Financial Documents.

My account > Administration > [side menu] Forms > Imports or select it from the Quick links menu

CRM > [Side menu] Financial Documents > [tab] Contracts 

Select the file that you wish to import.

It will display in 3 sections, Contracts, Invoicing Periods and Invoicing Period Line Items.

When you are ready, press the Import button.  You will be told that the Import is in progress.

Please note, that on Contracts Imports, you can only import in an XLSX format.  This is because the data is inserted into three separate tabs, as you will see in the excel spreadsheet example below.

Once the import has been completed, the displayed message will change.

Please note that if the completion message doesn’t appear within a reasonable time, you might need to refresh your screen.

Once complete, your import will display each of the three sections shown above in a separate tab.

For further information on Imports, please see the Importing Jobs article.

Happening Soon…

Change to Click to View Weather Forecast

Change to Click to View Weather Forecast

In order to speed up your screen loading time, we are amending the way in which our weather feature works.  Rather than displaying by default, it will be moving to a ‘click to display’ format.

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Updated on 22nd November 2022

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