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Latest Updates – 02.09.21


Custom Automation

Custom Automation

Areas We’re Addressing

It would be fantastic if we could offer customers the opportunity to add some Automation themselves as part of their workflow without the need to go through Professional Services.

What’s New

BigChange now offers you the ability to:

  1. Sending data from JobWatch into 3rd party systems.
  2. Provide data from JobWatch when requested by 3rd Party systems
  3. Use data in JobWatch to create other JobWatch items.

Navigate: My account > Administration > [Quick Links] General Account Settings > Automations

For full details, please read the Automation article.


Calculation Enhancements

Calculation Enhancements

For all those of you who wish that more complex calculations could be performed within templates, this one is for you.  You can now combine multiple keywords or numbers in a formula, including brackets, eg

([keyword 1] + [keyword 2]) * [keyword 3] = result

Collated Group Job Fields

Collated Group Job Fields

We’ve extended the Keywords around Group Jobs to make life even easier when you’re working on the template editor:

Additional Financial Keywords

Additional Financial Keywords

The new Financial keywords extend the uses for templates in your Financial documents and emails:


Drag and drop stops within a Route

Drag and Drop Stops Within a Route

When you’re trying to adjust a route in a hurry, shuffling jobs by one position at a time can be irritating, so we thought that we’d make it easier.  Now you can just click and drag to whichever position on the route you wish.

Duplicate stops within a Route

Duplicate Stops Within a Route

Need to create a route in a hurry?  Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could just duplicate an existing job/stop? Well guess what…


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Updated on 23rd September 2021

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