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Pre-planned maintenance made easier with JobWatch

We all know that the busyness of our business fluctuates. If we’re lucky,  occasionally we have a small lull when we can plan ahead.

At BigChange we want to help you make the most of those moments by helping you to build pre-planned maintenance (PPM) into your schedule.  That means that once you’ve set something up, you won’t have to revisit the same functionality again unless you want to change something.  You can even make a bespoke version of your documentation in many areas of our system,  helping you to provide excellent and professional results for your customers.


The Contract section of JobWatch allows you to keep everything relating to your contracts and SLAs in one place, including scanned attachments of your original agreement, product images, site plans and a host of financial documents.

Do you have a long term contract which has price changes during different periods? No problem.  Just set up a programme of job recurrences within different set periods.  Cashflow issues with a customer?  Suggest aggregated invoicing. Clever usage in this area allows you to be incredibly flexible for your customer with minimal effort on your part.

Part 1


Part 2

Invoicing Methods

For more information, check out the Contracts section of the Financials article.

Group Jobs

Jobs are the essence of all companies but managing the logistics of them is one of the greatest business challenges.  For this reason, Jobs and Job Scheduling are some of the most flexible, feature-heavy areas of the BigChange system.  Whether dealing with large contracts or one-off jobs, JobWatch offers options to help you plan ahead and adapt easily and quickly to all eventualities.

Jobs Group Templates and sets can be used to simplify and speed up job creation, with jobs easily added, edited or cancelled without effecting the integrity of the group. The Follow on jobs feature can be set up and linked with Alerts, advising you if you are waiting on parts the moment they arrive, ensuring that you never hold stock longer than necessary and delighting your customers. Linked jobs allow you to ensure continuity with the same resource and automate the process of missed jobs and job patterning.

For more information on some of the features available, please read our Job Scheduling and Jobs articles.

Linked Job Groups


Feature Video

Group Jobs on Device

Group Jobs on Device

Group Job Templates

Group Job Templates

Recurrence of Jobs In A Group

Recurrence of Jobs In A Group

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Updated on 9th February 2021

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