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Remaining Holiday

You can view the number of days vacation taken/remaining for a resource in the following way.

Navigate: Fleet & resources → [side menu] Resources → Select and click on resource:

Outlined above is the ‘Number of days vacation’ field which shows the number of days annual leave allocated to the Resource ie 21 days in our example.

Now move across to the Absences tab (1):

(2) is the total number of days annual leave which the Resource has already taken or booked off based on the date range selected.

(3) is the number of days of annual leave remaining (ie 21 days annual leave, minus 8 days booked off, leaving 13 available days leave) based on the date range selected.

The above shows an entire year but it is possible to change the parameters and JobWatch will pro rata the remaining leave:

It is also worth noting that the system will calculate the annual leave from whatever date your require, rather than on only a default calendar year basis.  So, for example, if your organisation were to calculate each person’s annual leave allowance to run from their start date, rather than on a calendar year basis, this can be easily achieved.

On the Detail tab adjust the ‘Start of holiday year’ date:

You will now see that on the Absence tab JobWatch has adjusted all of the information accordingly:




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Updated on 20th February 2019

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