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‘Scan’ documents with worksheet photo question

New option on worksheet photo question to ‘scan’ documents

There is now a useful new option on the worksheet question type ‘Photo’ that allows the user to “scan” a document using their phone or tablet. The device will save the photo in black & white and users will be able to play with the contrast so “scanned” receipts will be more readable.

Reminder: To set up a worksheet with a photo question, navigate to Administration and click the ‘Schedule’ side menu for options; from here, choose ‘Worksheets’ and click to edit an existing worksheet.  Once the worksheet pop-up is open, you have the option to add ‘Task/inspections/parts’ – choose a ‘photo’ question type and check the document box to have the photo “saved in black and white & high contract for max. clarity”.     


Navigate to: My Account -> Administration -> Schedule side menu -> Worksheets

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Updated on 14th October 2018

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