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Service Reminders

Service reminders are a key business tool, not only for driving repeat business but as a vital element for any service company. JobWatch can take all the heavy lifting out of the repetitive task of sending out reminders, through a variety of offered methods.

Custom-built email and SMS templates allow notifications to be sent out to your customers, either at a predetermined interval, or manually.

Standard reports allow for easy identification as to the number of services that are due in upcoming months.

Setting up a Service Reminder in JobWatch

Setting up a Service Reminder in JobWatch

  • Note Type

Service reminders are, in JobWatch terms, a task; a task to make contact with the customer in order to confirm whether or not they require their appliance servicing.

Tasks in JobWatch are handled by the creation of Notes, with each type of task being given a ‘Note Type’.

When logged in as an Administrator, select: My Account -> Administration -> [side menu] Contact & Notes -> (1) Note Types 

Create a new Note Type by selecting (2) the ‘Add’ button, and (3) input a name.

If you wish to send out service reminders for different types of appliances that would require different email templates/designs, it is recommended that you repeat this process to create one Note Type for each appliance, eg ‘Service Reminder – Boiler’ and ‘Service Reminder – Gas Fire’.

For more information on other features that Notes have to offer, click here to view our Help Centre article.

  • Templates

The email or SMS which is sent to your customer is designed in our Template editor.  For more information on creating and editing a Template, a full Help Centre article is available by clicking here.

As before, when logged in as an Administrator, select: (1)My Account -> (2)Administration -> (3)[side menu] Account -> (4)Templates

Create a new Template by selecting (5)‘add’.

Design your Template by adding text, images and keywords. Useful keywords include the name of the person, contact address and current date and note due date.

When setting the usage of the Template, select ‘Alert – Email’ for emails, and ‘Alert – SMS’ for text messages. Please note that only plain text in the body of a Template can be input if the Template is to be used for SMS.

Below is the type of notification that can be sent by email:

If you would like your customer to be able to reply to your email, you can add ‘buttons’ within the body of the Template by using the link feature.

From within the Template editor, highlight the text you wish the ‘button’ to display eg ‘click here’ and click the link icon from the toolbar, outlined below:

In the ‘Insert Link’ dialogue box that appears, change the ‘To what URL should this link go?’ to the following format


Remember to replace the email address and subject with the correct one.

  • Alerts

An Alert is the method used to send an email or SMS to your customer using the Template you have created. The Alert can be sent to a number of recipients at once and a series of Alerts can be created to be sent at different intervals. This is particularly useful if you want to notify customers 30 days and 14 days before the service is due.

Any user can create an Alert, to do so, select Alerts from the menu bar, and ‘Create a new alert’.

Below is an example of an email being sent 30 days before the service reminder is due. The recipients of the Alert will be the Contact’s email address, and the Parent Contact’s email address (if the contact has a parent). The ‘Service Reminder’ Template has been selected and the email subject can either be set within the Template itself, or in this Alert setting.

In this example, an SMS will be sent to both the Contact’ and Parent Contact mobile numbers.  In this instance, rather than using a template the message that is sent is contained within the Message field of the Alert.

For more information on Alerts, click here to view the Help Centre article.

Using Reminders

Using Reminders

Creating a Note

A Note should be created for each reminder that is needed. You can create a Note from several places within JobWatch but below is the method which works best for people new to creating Notes.

From the (1) CRM tab, select the (2) Contacts side menu. Locate the customer or site you wish to create a reminder against by typing their name into the filter entitled (3)’Search’. When the correct site has been identified, click on the Contact (4) and select (5)‘New note’.

A new box will appear allowing you to create the Note. Key fields to be completed have been highlighted below. These include.

  • Person: This should be the person who is contacted to arrange the service of the appliance; it is the person who will get the service reminder email/sms.
  • Type: The note type created should be selected.
  • Subject: Input the details of the appliance that will be serviced.
  • Due Date: The date the service will become due.
  • Note Owner: This defaults to the person creating the reminder, it should be changed to the person who is responsible for arranging.

When the service reminder is no longer required (for example the customer has gone to another supplier), the status can be set to ‘Completed’.

Viewing Open Reminders

In order to see the reminders that are open and due within a certain period of time, navigate: CRM -> [side menu] Notes

Set your filters to:

  • Type = Types of service reminder note types you would like to view.
  • Status = Open
  • Due before = Date when the service must be completed by.

Processing Reminders

If you have set up Alerts, emails will be sent to customers automatically and they may respond by either asking for a service to be booked in, or advising they do not require a service at this time.

Booking a Job

Locate the customer.  If you are doing this from the Notes screen, select the Note and choose ‘New job’

Select the job type required, and process as normal.

Service Not Required At This Time

If a customer does not wish to go ahead with a service, an entry can be added in the Dialogue section of the Note to keep a record of what was discussed and the due date will change to the next time the reminder is to be sent.



The ‘Notes report’ available from the Reports tab can display information on open service reminders that are due within a specified time period. This is particularly useful as a schedule can be created to email this information in either Excel or PDF format, on a regular basis.

In the example shown below, you will see all Boiler Service reminders that are open and due this month.

The information can be exported as a one-off from the export tab.

Or a schedule created from the schedule tab. In the example below, an excel report will automatically be emailed every Monday at 00:00 to the email address roadcrew@fastrepair.com

For additional information on reports, please click here to view the Help Centre article.

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Updated on 3rd December 2019

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