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Set-up time constraint for job

Choose exactly how many hours you want your job’s time constraint to be for

When scheduling a job, it is now possible to type in any number (of hours) for a time-based constraint (instead of previously, where only the predefined options of 2, 3 or 4 were given).

To do this, when adding/editing a job in your Schedule, click on the ‘Constraints’ tab in the job’s pop-up.  From here, you can choose to set-up a ‘New Constraint’; click on the clock face/”Time”.  Firstly, choose your constraint type (Job must… start before/start after/completed before) and then select the time parameter.  Choose the “Within X hours” option, type in the number of hours in the box and click “Ok”. 


Navigate to: Schedule tab -> *new/edit job pop-up* -> Constraints tab

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Updated on 15th October 2018

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