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Accepting A Job
When a job arrives on a device the resource can accept to confirm that the details are understood.

Access Hours
Opening hours for the contact site.

Alerts are notifications set up to be triggered by specific events. Many alerts can be set up to be triggered by a range of JobWatch activities. This can be an email, popup on the BigChange website, sent to a device, or text message (chargeable).

At Risk Answer
Designate a worksheet answer as "at-risk" to make it possible to trigger alerts when the answer is selected.

A file, for example, a document, image, etc, which can be added to the system. Similar to email attachments.

Can be used to record vehicle on-board equipment or vehicle certifications, with or without an expiry date. Vehicle attributes work the same way as resource skills.

Automatic Document Sending
Job cards and financial documents, such as invoices, can set up to be automatically emailed or attached to the job when the job is completed or based on another stage being reached e.g. when job is created.
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Updated on 2nd September 2019
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