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There are currently 22 names in this directory beginning with the letter C.
Champions or super-users are the people within your business who act as system trainers and Administrators. They assist in the completion of follow up actions during the system setup process.

Child Contact
A child contact is a subsidiary, eg a depot or site location, linked to another contact that acts as the 'parent' or main contact point, eg a company's Head Office. This can be extended further eg, Parent = HO, Child = Site A, grandchild = Site A's satellite warehouse.

This is the carbon dioxide emissions information for the vehicle. You can gain this from the vehicle V5C (Vehicle Log Book).

Completing A Job
Changes status of the job either to "completed" or "completed with issues", depending on the job result selected.

Completion Time For Back Office
Set when a worksheet must be completed by the back office (web site users).

Completion Time For Booking Site
Set when a worksheet must be completed on the booking site.

Completion Time For Resource
This determines at what stage in a job the resource is able to fill out the worksheet e.g. "before job is completed" means resource will be prevented from completing the job until mandatory fields in the worksheet have been finished.

Conditional Branching
Option in worksheet questions to add behaviour to worksheet based on answer selected when worksheet question is completed.

A consignment is a group of stock. The consignment can be moved as a group, which can make bulk transfers easier.

Financial documents of the same type can be merged into a single document, e.g. 5 invoices can be merged into 1 invoice with the original invoices listed as 5 line items.

A constraint is a restriction related to a job. e.g, Job must be completed by a resource with X skill.

A consumable is a quantity, if an item is not a consumable is it serialised. You can have multiple items which are not consumable, however must have unique serial numbers.

The CRM contact for whom the job is being done.

Contact Custom Fields
Fields which can be created by administrators for completion that do not appear on the standard contact record.

Contact Group
Groups used to organise contacts eg. Customer's head office, Customer's depots, Staff, Suppliers.

Contact Name
The name of the CRM contact.  For a company, this would be the company name rather than the name of a contact working for the company. Employee names would be recorded as an entry on the Persons tab within the company's CRM 'card'.

Name of company/organisation or individual.

An agreement which results in an invoice being generated on a regular basis for a single sum. Stock/Equipment/Jobs can be allocated against a contract for tracking purposes.

Cost Per Day
Cost of a vehicle per day if zero miles are driven.  Includes annual and monthly costs like leasing costs, servicing or insurance.

Cost Per Mile
Cost of a vehicle per mile driven.

Cost Price
How much the item costs to buy from a supplier (this is used for Purchase orders and not displayed on other financial documents).

Custom Fields
Flexible extra fields can be added to record more information about a resource, such as driving licence numbers, insurance information, important dates or reference numbers.
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Updated on 2nd September 2019
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