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There are currently 8 names in this directory beginning with the letter J.
Job Categories
Job categories are high-level groups that job types can sit within.

Job Custom Fields
Additional fields added to the job. Each job type has its own list of custom fields. Fields can be imported for a new job type from another job type.

Job Duration
The default time allocated to complete a job. JobWatch records both planned and actual time, and either can be displayed on jobcards.

Job Flags
Customisable flags which can be assigned to jobs.  These can be used to record sequential stages of a process or to flag particular jobs e.g. "awaiting parts".

Job Reference
What is the unique reference of the job. This can either be set manually or generated automatically.

Job Type
The type of activity that is going to be carried out, e.g. delivery, collection, boiler repair, meeting, etc.

The physical representation of worksheet questions attached to a job, which includes details such as time worked along with distance and time travelled.

The BigChange system app used by device users
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Updated on 2nd September 2019
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