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This is the BigChange platform for collaboration between customers. It allows you to offer yourself as a contractor/subcontractor with other companies using the BigChange system.

Note Flags
A highlighter or identifier (colour and description) that can be applied to a record so that it can easily be picked out from others, visually. Records can be sorted by flag to narrow down what is displayed.

Note Owner
The person who is responsible for the note.  By default, this is the person who added it to JobWatch.  Can be any web user.

Note Reference
A unique reference number for the note, automatically generated by JobWatch.

Note Status
Status of notes can either be open, completed or cancelled.

Note Subject
The title of a note.

Note To Client
A customer information note which will be displayed underneath the line items on the financial document.  Predefined standard notes can be set up.

Note Workflow
Customisable series of questions which can be completed by web user or via the booking site.  Note workflows are set up in a similar way to job worksheets.

Information or tasks which are stored against a particular record.
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Updated on 23rd May 2023