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There are currently 10 names in this directory beginning with the letter P.
Parent Contact
A lead contact (location/site/office) that others are related to, eg a head office and depots. The head office is the parent and the depots are the child records.

List of parts which have been used against a piece of equipment e.g installed spare parts or consumables.

Person Consents
Permissions given by a user for actions, e.g. for GDPR purposes.

Person Flags
Customisable flags which can be assigned to persons at a CRM contact.  Example usage would be indicate roles within the contact e.g. "finance", "operations", "CEO".

Positive & Negative Results
Whether the job was successful or not.  Multiple options for positive and negative can be specified for each job type e.g. negative can be broken down into lack of parts, no access to site, rejected by customer with one option being chosen by the resource from the tablet.

Pre-defined Invoice Items
A pre-saved template containing a reference, description, cost/selling prices, along with VAT/Nominal/Department codes (if applicable), which have been set within the financial section of the Administration menu. By using pre-defined invoice items, you can save time over using the ‘free text’ line items, and is particularly useful for chargeable items which you do not store (e.g postage and packaging). Please note that although the pre-defined invoice item values are saved within account settings, they can be changed on a case by case basis when added to the financial document.

Primary Person
Main person to contact with regard to that CRM record, they will be selected by default when creating jobs and notes.

Private Key
A private key (fob) works with a reader installed in the vehicle to designate mileage as private when scanned. This field should be the key ID.

A customisable flag estimating the probability of successfully closing the sales opportunity.  Examples might be cold, warm or hot.

Product Category
Stock/equipment models are grouped into Product Categories.  Each category has a different list of custom fields for the items contained.
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Updated on 2nd September 2019
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