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An area in metres around a location point.

An ID is used to identify a record. Should be unique, if you have a financial package, it should mirror this.

Rejecting A Job
When a job arrives on a device, the resource can reject a job giving a reason why it won't be completed.

An analysis or summary of data in a document format.

Resource Group
Resources can be organised into groups.  Custom fields and restrictions can be set for all members of a group. File library items can be restricted, making them visible to one or more groups.

Restrictions limit which areas of the system individual Web Users or Groups of Web Users can see.

BigChange's customer service department who are always happy to help you resolve a problem. To contact them, click on the RoadCrew button at the top right of your menu.

Web Users are allocated a role to give them the desired level of access & control associated with the role e.g. "Manager" or "Engineer".  Access/Control rights can be customised for each role.

A series of jobs or 'stops' - can be optimised (currently in beta) for efficiency which act as a template of jobs which reoccur frequently.
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Updated on 2nd September 2019
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