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There are currently 13 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
Sales Opportunity Owner
The person responsible for the sales opportunity.  By default this is the person who added it to JobWatch.  Can be any web user.

Scheduling Assistant
A system that shows a list of available resources and schedule times available for a job to be completed. Identifies costs if financial information has been put in the system against resources and vehicles.

Scoping Document
The agreement between yourself and BigChange detailing the objectives and constraints of the Onboarding process.

Selling Price
The ex-VAT price of a stock or financial item.

Serial Number
Unique reference or barcode used to identify a single item of stock or equipment.

Signing Timesheet
Complete timesheet by marking with signature and sending.

Skills, such as specialisms or certifications, can be recorded for each resource along with expiry date, if applicable.

A colour reference code to set the background colour for the header of your site. Google "Hex Codes Picker" to find the code for the colour you want. For example, the Hex code for white is #ffffff.

Sold Status
Field used to denote whether the stock item has been sold or not.

Customisable stages for sales opportunities e.g. prospect, quotation sent, order signed.

Starting A Job
Changes status of the job to "started" and starts logging time towards actual job duration and for reports and costing.

Stock Item Custom Fields
Flexible extra fields which can be added for stock and equipment. Each product category has a separate list of custom fields.

Systems are groups of equipment.  A system can be created then multiple pieces of equipment can be added to it and manipulated together.
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Updated on 23rd May 2023