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There are currently 5 names in this directory beginning with the letter F.
File Group
Items stored within the file library must be placed within a 'folder' (also known as a group) for easy categorisation.

First Line Of Correspondence
The opening line of a document eg, 'FOA'.

Fixed Resource
When set to 'yes' this is used to link a resource and vehicle together. When selecting a resource on a job the vehicle field will auto complete. The resource will not be prompted to select a registration when signing in on the tablet.

When jobs or documents are created for a flagged contact, the user sees an alert icon and message.  A reason for the flag can be recorded and will display with the alert, eg, non-payment.

Fuel Card
If the resource has been given a fuel card to buy fuel, a reference number can be recorded.
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Updated on 2nd September 2019
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