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The 3 Line Menu

3 Line Menu

3 Line Menu in the Schedule

The 3 line menu, colloquially known as the ‘hamburger icon’ (see illustration below), is an element of the Schedule which is often overlooked but which contains a number of useful features.

To find this ‘hidden’ menu, click on Schedule on the top menu and then on the 3 line menu to the left of the resource you wish to look at:

Once you have clicked on the 3 line menu it will open up a new Actions popup menu which provides you with a choice  of 7 features:

Each of these features is explained individually in the Actions Menu below

Actions Menu

Weekly view

This option opens the Schedule Weekly View for the chosen resource:

Show journey

This shows you the driver/vehicle’s movement for that day underneath their jobs:

View jobs on map

This opens a map popup in the Schedule which shows the route between each job for the driver/vehicle (other items can be added to the map by clicking on the eye icon):

Optimise route (beta)

The driver/vehicle’s journey is optimised, searching for and providing the most efficient route between a start location and an end location, as well as any way points in between.

If a route can be optimised, you will be presented with a window advising that this has been done. You are also able to select a new start time should you wish.

The optimising works differently depending on whether or not the resource has shift start and end locations. Where there is no shift location, the first and last jobs in the selected day, or the resource shift location, are the start and end of the route to be optimised.   Both a start and end of route must be supplied in order for Google to be able to optimise it.

NB: The technology we use behind the route optimisation is the shortest possible solution to the travelling salesman problem returned direct from Google.

Troubleshooting – Reasons Route Cannot Be Optimised:

The route optimiser feature of the schedule may not be able to optimise a route if:

  • Too many points
  • Already optimal order
  • Impossible route (eg. One of the contacts is in USA and the remaining jobs are in the UK)
  • Route is in the past
  • Optimised would fall outside of resources’ working hours

Reassign all jobs

You can reassign all the jobs for a particular driver/vehicle:

  • To another resource for the same day
  • To the same resource, another day
  • To another resource, another day

This feature is useful if a driver calls in sick or if the route has accidentally been allocated to the wrong vehicle or driver.

Unallocate all jobs

This feature automatically unallocates all the jobs from the diary to the unallocated/unscheduled jobs list.

Cancel all jobs

This allows you to automatically cancel all jobs at once in order to avoid having to manually cancel each job individually. Once a job has been cancelled, it cannot be re-used.


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Updated on 10th October 2018

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