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Urgent Messages Checkbox

BigChange is committed to improving road and driver safety and we are keenly aware of the dangers to members of the mobile workforce when receiving messages whilst driving. At the same time, we recognise that there may be occasions, for instance, when an assistant is on board, that the back office would wish to allow urgent messages to be sent through immediately. We therefore offer two scenarios:

1.  As standard, the last checkbox on the Send Message screen below will now be disabled:

2.  However, for scenarios where there are routinely two or more people on-board the back office will still be able to ensure urgent messages go straight out in the following way.

Navigate: My Account ➔ [side menu] Accounts ➔ Account settings➔ Messages and tick ‘yes’ in the checkbox:

Messages can then be created in the usual way, navigate Messages ➔ Send a message and the popup form in image 1 will open.

If the Urgent box is ticked, as above, the message will appear on the driver’s device immediately:


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Updated on 12th December 2018

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