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View Landline & Mobile Phone Numbers on Job Detail

When viewing ‘job details’ on your device, both a landline and a mobile phone number will now be displayed on your screen.

This really useful new feature means that you can now easily view and choose between calling* either of the numbers that are saved against the job’s contact.

To view a job’s details, including phone numbers of the contact, once logged in to JobWatch on the device, tap on ‘Jobs’ to view your list of jobs.  Tap on the job you wish to see details for and the ‘Job Details’ screen will be displayed.  As indicated in the screenshot included below, in the ‘PHONE’ section (if your contact has both a landline and mobile number saved), both numbers will be displayed and available to call (tap on the small blue phone icon to call from your device*).

* Note that being able to make phone calls is dependent on the tablet’s SIM. By default, the SIMS provided in our tablets do not include a Voice Package.

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Updated on 15th October 2018

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